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Storage Tanks

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  1. Rectangular Tank

    Rectangular Tank is made using premium quality of metal alloy or various thermoplastic polymers. This tank is manufactured in a rectangular shape with heavy walls to ensure its long life even in severe conditions. They have a variety of industrial uses such as plating, processing, and storing of various chemicals. It is available in different dimensions which can also be customized according to the need of the customer. They are resistant to different weather conditions and corrosion.
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  2. Spiral HDPE Tanks

    Spiral HDPE Tanks are manufactured using optimum quality of High Grade Polyethylene (HDPE) material and designed for storing strong chemicals having corrosive nature and pickling at extreme temperatures. It has a wide industrial use such as chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and brewing industries. This is a material of choice as it can withstand adverse conditions created by various chemicals and their processing. These spiral tanks can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes and vertical and horizontal orientations as per the client’s choice.
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  3. HDPE Chemical Storage Tanks

    HDPE Chemical Storage Tanks are manufactured to be effectively used for storing the wide range of chemicals and other solvents required in different processing industries such as textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. These tanks are manufactured using true quality of High Density Polyethylene material which can easily handle different environments created by various chemicals inside the tank. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and capacities as required by the customer.
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  4. Spiral Wound PP Tanks

    Spiral Wound PP Tanks are manufactured with the high quality of polypropylene material. They are known for their strong construction and high performance abilities. These tanks are also known as Chemical Processing Tanks are used to store and process different chemicals possessing different properties. They can also be used to carry or transport various chemicals to different places in huge quantities with safety and ease. Having anti corrosion properties these PP tanks can be used in chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.
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  5. Bipolar Electro Pickling PP Tank

    Bipolar Electro Pickling PP Tank is mainly used in the steel industry for the removal of lubricant from the surface of manufactured products. This tank is made up of high grade polypropylene material under the guidance of experienced engineers. It is one of the main instruments necessary for the steel industry. Electro pickling tank works on the principle of electrochemistry which is based on the polarization of conducting objects in an electric field.
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  6. HCL Storage Tank

    HCL Storage Tank is manufactured using a high grade of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene material. They are designed having an integrally molded flanged outlet which facilitates easy cleaning of the tank without being entering in it. Materials like HDPE or PP do not react with the stored chemical and possess the properties which enable it to withstand the effect caused by the acid fumes. This tank is also installed with an indicator which shows the chemical quantity inside the tank.
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  7. PP Storage Tank

    PP Storage Tank has been manufactured using high grade polypropylene material which possesses properties like anti corrosion, resistance to high temperatures and sturdy nature. This tank is used in many industries for storing various chemicals which possess different chemical properties. It does not have any effect of various chemical properties and it neither reacts with the stored chemical making it a choice of material for storing purpose. They have strong welded joints to ensure its spill proof nature and durability.
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  8. Spiral Tanks

    Spiral Tanks are the special types of tanks designed using spiral pipes. These tanks are manufactured using premium quality of thermoplastic material such as PVDF, PP or FRP to give it a sturdy nature and long operational life. It is used in the variety of industries such as chemical industry, food industry, fertilizer industry and pharmaceutical industry various chemicals and materials. They are fabricated by using premium quality of welding guns to ensure their leak proof nature.
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  9. HDPE Storage Tanks

    HDPE Storage Tanks are designed for the purpose of storing different materials used in the variety of industries such as food industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. These tanks are also one of the best choices as water storage tanks as they possess different properties which include anti corrosive properties, resistance to adverse weather conditions and high strength. They are precisely manufactured using High Grade Polyethylene material for storing different chemicals and other materials used in different industries.
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  10. HDPE Chemical Tank

    HDPE Chemical Tank is manufactured for processing and storage of different chemicals such as Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, and Acetic acid. It has been manufactured using best grade of High Density Polyethylene material as it does not react with most chemicals. This tank is used in various industries for different processes such as chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and metal processing industry. They can be availed in different shapes and sizes as per the need and requirement of the customer.
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